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World Cup Quarterfinals: Netherlands v. Costa Rica

The Netherlands should be the favourites in this quarterfinal, but if Costa Rica have taught us one thing this World Cup, it's that they should absolutely not be underestimated.

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SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Netherlands v. Costa Rica
Saturday, June 5th | 9PM BST/4PM EST
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The Dutch are looking more and more like a team that could make it to the bitter end and win the entire tournament, but after needing a come from behind win over Mexico achieved in the last few minutes of the game in the Round of 16, they'll want to do more to get out ahead of their opponents from the start and bring back a bit of the magic that saw them run rampant over Spain in their opening match of the World Cup.

Costa Rica, meanwhile, squeaked into the quarterfinals on penalties over a Greece side that most people felt had no business getting out of its own group. Los Ticos have impressed enough thus far for many to adopt them as pet favourites, but the Netherlands will provide a test that none of their previous opponents ever quite managed. Costa Rica have already improved upon their previous best World Cup finish by making the quarterfinals, and will have little to be ashamed of even if this match spells the end of their tournament.

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