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World Cup Quarterfinals: Brazil v. Colombia

The host nation continues their drive for the final in Fortaleza, where they'll face a Colombia side that's been among the tournament's most exciting.

Paul Gilham

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Brazil v. Colombia
Friday, July 4th | 9PM BST/4PM EST
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Like Germany, Brazil's performances to this point haven't quite lived up to the pre-tournament hype but still find themselves as one of the last eight standing. That probably says more about the hype than it does Brazil (or Germany, for that matter), but Phil Scolari's squad haven't looked at their best with any consistency over the past few weeks. That being said, they've managed some impressive scorelines and their win in a penalty shootout over Chile provided one of the tournament's most enthralling moments.

Colombia, on the other hand, have been a joy to watch in their four wins. James Rodriguez has led the way, adding two to his tally in the last round against a subdued Uruguay. Between their momentum and the sentiment behind Brazil, this could prove one of the better matchups to date.

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