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Luis Suarez Apologises for Latest Biting Incident

It comes a touch late and following a disappointing statement in his FIFA hearing, but Luis Suarez has today apologised for biting Giorgio Chiellini. What comes next is up to Barcelona.

Alexandre Loureiro

After the bite and the inquiry and the lies by Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan FA at the inquiry into the bite, the striker took to Twitter today to apologise to Giorgio Chiellini for kind of losing his balance and then falling into him and maybe making a biting motion. With his teeth. Or something.

Not to be entirely, skeptically dismissive of the apology, but it would have been far easier to take such a statement at something like face value had it come in the days immediately following the incident. Instead, Suarez tried to sell a story that involved losing his balance and not actually biting Chiellini, and never you mind your lying eyes.

Still, sincere and heartfelt or empty and cynical, at least it's got bullet points. And a vow Suarez will never ever (ever) do something like that again, for reals this time. From a Liverpool point of view, what happens next still seems likely depends almost entirely on Luis Enrique and Barcelona's determination to bring the striker to Spain.

The Catalan institution were rumoured to have wanted a public apology before they continued their pursuit. Now they have it. Liverpool, though, still have all the cards and have insisted they won't sell for less than £50M and Alexis Sanchez—and that if that's not to Barcelona's linking, they'll have to trigger his £85M release clause.

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