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World Cup Round of 16: Brazil v. Chile

As was the case with the group stages, the host nation gets the knockout rounds underway with an enthralling matchup between Brazil and Chile.

Cameron Spencer

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

Brazil v. Chile
Saturday, June 28th | 5PM BST/12PM EST
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Round of 16

One day off and right back in the thick of it, with arguably one of the most compelling Round of 16 matchups in the tournament up first. Brazil are the media favorites and darlings by virtue of being the host nation, but their form through their first three matches--especially the first two--was inconsistent at best. They were gifted the opening day win over Croatia by virtue of some generous refereeing before drawing with Mexico, and only a breezy win over Cameroon on the final matchday of group play secured their top spot. They've yet to hit the heights many expected, but there's also a sense that the occasion could be enough to carry them.

Occasion alone might not do it against a very good Chile side, however; the Chileans were strangely subdued against Netherlands in their Group B finale and were deservedly beaten, but prior to that point they'd been one of the most exciting sides in the tournament with impressive wins over Australia and Spain. They'll have to get back to their best in order to advance today, and they should have little trouble getting up for what should be the weekend's best fixture.

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