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FIFA Sources Play Down Significance of Suarez Incident

Though the press has talked of lengthy bans, sources within FIFA suggest the Suarez case will be viewed the same way as more conventional violent acts.

David Ramos

After speaking to sources within FIFA that are close to the investigation, Spanish newspaper AS believe a four-match ban is the likeliest outcome of the charges against Luis Suarez. Though many pundits have been quick to view his act as something more than the more common sorts of violent conduct that can occur in football, those same sources suggest FIFA views the Suarez incident as of a broadly similar nature.

While a longer ban remains possible, an extended suspension that sees Suarez missing out on the Copa America or perhaps even being banned from international play indefinitely does not appear to be on the table despite the sensationalist headlines in some sections of the press. Being suspended at the club level is also highly unlikely. However, it seems certain Suarez will at the very least miss the rest of the World Cup.

He also faces other concerns, with sponsors Adidas and evaluating whether they wish to remain tied to the controversial striker. Liverpool also plan to hold meetings between Brendan Rodgers and upper management to determine their course of action, though unless Barcelona or Real Madrid are willing to offer a world record fee it's difficult to imagine Suarez will begin the season anywhere but at Anfield.

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