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Uruguay Advance Oh Hi There Luis Suarez Moment of Insanity

Uruguay advanced with a 1-0 victory over Italy today, but the only thing people will be talking about is Luis Suarez' attempt to either headbutt or bite Giorgio Chiellini.

Suarez, after having had his teeth attacked by Giorgio Chiellini
Suarez, after having had his teeth attacked by Giorgio Chiellini
Matthias Hangst

England ended their time in Brazil with a whimper of a nil-nil draw against Costa Rica, surprise winners in Group D. In the other match, Italy went down to ten men and then went down a goal as Uruguay advanced in second place thanks to a 1-0 victory. Nobody cares about that, though, because Luis Suarez did something kind of stupid.

Or he did something exceptionally stupid. It's one or the other and, despite having gone an entire year now without any major incidents, it probably shouldn't come as a massive surprise that he either bit or tried to bite or just headbutted Giorgio Chiellini. Whatever he did, if you're a Liverpool fan you're probably rolling your eyes now and awaiting the cries of won't somebody think of the children.


There doesn't look time for a proper bite (Edit: New image added and, yeah, that's a bite), and the angle looks at odds with close ups of the supposed damage if it is a bite, but then Suarez does have a fair bit of practice in the art of nibbling on opponents so anything is possible. It may just be a headbutt. It may also be that Suarez' teeth contacted Chiellini's shoulder without the striker actually having bitten him. Whatever it was, it was stupid.

Whatever it was, it will be followed now by moral outrage from those fond of soap boxes, who will demand Liverpool fans prove they aren't as terrible as Suarez by declaring that they totally think Suarez is terrible—the incident used as a referendum of sorts on Liverpool fans as much as it will be used to vilify Suarez. Mostly we'll be over here having a laugh about it, though. Because really, what else can you do?

Plus, on the upside, whatever Suarez did, at least it makes it less likely Real Madrid and Barcelona will want him now. So maybe he was just fed up with all the silliness about him leaving Liverpool this summer and was doing his best to put an end to it the only way he knew how. Through bizarre on-field antics.

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