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World Cup Day Twelve: Netherlands v. Chile; Australia v. Spain

Entering the final round of group play, the World Cup moves to playing two games at a time. The first headliner is Netherlands v. Chile to decide the fate of Group B.

Jamie Squire
SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Netherlands v. Chile
Australia v. Spain
Wednesday, June 18th | 5PM BST/12PM EST
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Group B

In order to avoid match fixing, the final round of group stage matches sees every country in each group playing at the same time. Sometimes that leads to a case where it can be hard to decide which match to watch. Though watching some of Spain's icons saying goodbye after the end of their six-year reign taking on a brave Australia looking for a few points to take home might have some slight appeal, in truth this simply isn't one of those times.

That's because Chile and the Netherlands are facing off to decide who finishes first in Group B—and by doing so gets to avoid Brazil in the round of 16, with the hosts almost certain to finish first in Group A. While Belgium have stumbled, Chile's frantic brand of football has succeeded, and they have firmly installed themselves as this World Cup's dark horses. Given how poorly some of the favourites have performed, they might even have a half decent chance of winning it all. Meanwhile, there remain some doubts about the Dutch, who entered the tournament with few expectations but impressed in their dismantling of Spain.

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