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World Cup Day Eleven: South Korea v. Algeria

The other half of Group H square off in Porto Alegre, where South Korea and Algeria will hope to keep themselves in contention for the second qualifying spot.

Adam Pretty

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

South Korea v. Algeria
Sunday, June 22nd | 8PM BST/3PM EST
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Group H

Can this be less watchable than Belgium's win over Russia? I'm not sure we want to find out. Belgium are through, though, and now Russia is left to scramble with South Korea and Algeria for the second spot. South Korea were more impressive than expected in their draw with Russia in the opener, and had a chance to steal all three points in a match most expected them to lose. It was a similar story for Algeria, who took the lead against Belgium only to concede two second-half goals in a narrow loss. This should be a close contest, and with both sides still capable of advancing, we'll hopefully get something that doesn't put fans to sleep. Or possibly one that just helps you take a longer nap. Probably that.

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