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World Cup Day Ten: Nigeria v. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Saturday's final fixture sees Nigeria face Bosnia and Herzegovina, with both sides looking to keep themselves in contention for a shot at Group F's second qualifying spot.

Jamie Squire

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Nigeria v. BiH
Saturday, June 21st | 11PM BST/6PM EST
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Group F

Had Iran held out earlier in the day--which they very nearly did, only to fall to a stoppage time winner from Lionel Messi--Group F would have headed into the final round of group play with little settled. As it stands only Argentina are through, and Iran, Nigeria, and BiH are left to play for the second spot, and this one could go a long way in determining the front-runner. With a win Nigeria would bump up to four points, having drawn with Iran in the first round, and BiH would be eliminated. A win for Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, would cloud the picture further, leaving them on three points, Iran on one, and Nigeria on one. BiH looked good for large spells of the loss to Argentina, and entered the tournament as second-favorites to advance. If they can find a bit more cutting edge here, they should at least leave themselves in good stead ahead of their matchup with Iran next week.

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