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World Cup Day Nine: Honduras v. Ecuador

One day we'll have a nightcap that doesn't render the rest of the day's action obsolete. Today is not that day, as Honduras and Ecuador finish things out.

Paul Gilham

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

Honduras v. Ecuador
Friday, June 20th | 11PM BST/6PM EST
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Group E

Hey, remember Honduras? They were those lovable underdogs that fought fairly and valiantly against France only to come up just short in the first round of group play. Only it wasn't really that at all, as Wilson Palacios led the charge to make Honduras the least likable team in the competition by some distance, earning two yellow cards and getting sent off in an eventful--and embarrassing--first half. They'll need to be far better today if they're going to get anything out of tonight's nightcap against Ecuador, but few will be hoping they do.

Ecuador are at least more likable, and by virtue of being not Honduras, the sentimental favorite to get something out of this one. They looked as though they'd be getting a point from their opener against Switzerland, but a late defensive lapse cost them what could turn out to be a valuable point.

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