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World Cup Day Seven: Cameroon v. Croatia

Croatia were unlucky to come away with nothing against Brazil, but they'll need to get over their sense of injustice and dispatch Cameroon to have any hopes of advancing.

Adam Pretty
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Cameroon v. Croatia
Wednesday, June 18th | 11PM BST/6PM EST
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Group A

Cameroon are, simply put, not a good side. And they go into today's game without their captain and best player after news broke that Samuel Eto'o had been ruled out of action with a knee injury. After relying on incompetent officiating to deny Mexico at least a pair of goals and keep the scoreline in their opening match respectable, they could be in trouble today against a Croatia side looking to make a statement.

To make that statement, Croatia will have to get over the sense of injustice that followed their opening loss to hosts Brazil. Croatia didn't deserve to lose, and if they play as well here they won't. Ivan Rakitic and Luka Modric should again be a force in midfield, and with Cameroon's disorganised backline, their passing could be deadly. Of course, there's still the bit about them needing to get over the Brazil loss, which could be easier said than done.

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