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World Cup Day Six: Belgium v. Algeria

The final set of countries kick off their World Cup today with Group H action, where European dark horses Belgium face Algeria.

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Belgium v. Algeria
Tuesday, June 17th | 5PM BST/12PM EST
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Group H

Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Vincent Kompany. Given Belgium's exceptional squad, calling them dark horses seems something of a disservice. They're untested on the global stage, but they are also the strongest side in Group H, where they will be favoured to finish first ahead of Russia, Korea, and Algeria. They should also provide solid entertainment value, playing an uptempo possession game and able to strike quickly through their speedy, hard-working forwards. Throw in one of the best goalkeepers at the tournament in Thibaut Courtois, and you've got a side that won't be happy with anything less than three stylish points today.

Algeria, meanwhile, are Group H trailers. At least on paper. They are, however, a solid, balanced, hard-working and structured side that will look to grind out a result against what they will hope will turn out to be a naive Belgium. Still, realistically they're headed for a fourth-place finish in the group—and if they get to the 37th minute without a goal tonight they will set a new record for World Cup futility, breaking Bolivia's record of 517 minutes without scoring.

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