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World Cup Day Two: Chile v. Australia

The nightcap for day two at the World Cup sees dark horses Chile given the chance to make a statement of intent against minnows Australia.

Lennart Preiss

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

Chile v. Australia
Friday, June 13th | 11PM BST/6PM EST
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Group B

For fans more focused on Europe, Chile's ascension during the latest qualification cycle has gone largely unnoticed and the frantic, exciting quality of a side led by Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal—unfortunately an injury doubt to start tonight—may come as a surprise. Chile are fast, Chile are frantic, Chile are fun—everything they were under former manager Marcelo Bielsa but with more of a cutting edge in attack and less infighting. And with Spain's shocking, humiliating loss at the hands of the Netherlands today, Chile now get to make their case in Group B.

Australia probably wouldn't have had a chance of making it out of any group they'd ended up in, but it couldn't have gotten any harder for them than Group B. With a young squad looking towards the future more than the present, even a point in Brazil would be seen as a success. But if Chile are on their game, it's hard to see that point coming tonight.

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