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Suarez on the World Cup: "I Will Be There"

Plugging a new ad for adidas on Twitter, Luis Suarez asserts that he will be in Brazil just a few days after undergoing surgery on a torn meniscus.

Clive Mason

Selfishly it would be nice to see Luis Suarez take a nice, easy pace to his recovery, working his way back to full fitness at an appropriate pace and protecting himself from any potential longer-term injuries for Liverpool's coming season. Realistically he's going to do whatever he can to make sure he's available for Uruguay's opening match against Costa Rica on June 14th, and that probably doesn't include a leisurely recovery process. Few can begrudge him that, even if we'll be spending as much time watching for signs of injury as we will be the actual match.

For his part Suarez has remained optimistic in the few public comments he's made, asserting again today that he'll be joining the Uruguay squad in Brazil:

Fun commercial and stuff, but there's not going to be any specifics about his recovery or availability until the days before things kick off for Uruguay in Fortaleza. That's the party line by Uruguayan team doctor Alberto Pan, who commented on both the surgery and the rehabilitation process yesterday:

"You can't pluck a plan out of the air and think in terms of how many days because things change. You can't have an exact, correct idea right now because it's constantly evolving. I don't think he won't make it. If he's not ruled out, it means he's not ruled out. It doesn't mean he's going to play in the World Cup. Luis is not ruled out of taking part in the World Cup, so it's a case of either glass half-full or half-empty. You have to be positive. There was no alternative to surgery. It would have been absolutely impossible to treat without, 100 per cent."

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