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Watch: Anfield Redevelopment Animation

Work on an expanded main stand for Anfield begins on Monday. Watch how it will unfold over the next year and a half in this animated video.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Earlier today, we got confirmation that construction on the expanded Anfield main stand would begin on Monday. After years of planning and months of tearing down in preparation, we're now only four days from the start of construction on a new main stand. Which rather begs the question of how you build a new main stand without shutting down half of the stadium for the next year and a half.

The club expect to complete the expansion for the start of the 2016-17 season, but for those inside at a football match in the interim, things will mostly carry on as they normally would, with the new main stand built behind and above the existing one. The final stages, when there would be an impact on the matchday experience, will be completed during the 2016 offseason. There's even a handy animation of how it will all get done.

"The cost of the build is just over £100M," said Ian Ayre, who explained that ticket prices for average fans wouldn't be raised—the goal is for increased corporate matchday revenue and sponsorships to cover the costs. "We'll fund that from within Fenway Sports Group and we'll have a plan to recover that over a period of time. We may absolutely look for sponsorship—not for the stadium but certainly for the stand itself."

There are currently no plans to expand the Centenary Stand or Kop, though if the new, 59,000 seat Anfield can be sold out regularly, it's possible the club would look at further expansion down the road.

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