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Watch: Kolo Toure vs. Real Madrid

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Against Real Madrid, Liverpool's forgotten defender made a solid case that he should be starting more regularly. Welcome back, Kolo Toure.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

In a just world, Kolo Toure's performance against Real Madrid on Tuesday night would have the veteran defender in line to start on the weekend against Chelsea. It remains to be seen whether Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool world is a just one, but in the meantime, a look back at Toure's unexpectedly strong performance is in order.

He wasn't perfect, and at times he looked half a step slow compared to his Galactico opponents, but even half a step slow isn't bad when you're facing Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez and Isco and Karim Benzema, and he was key in Liverpool's defence looking as good as it has all season.

Key clearances and blocks, calm passing, marshalling the back line, and even a few mazy runs forward with the ball at his feet. It was the kind of performance Toure regularly put in when he was ten years younger, and it was especially refreshing to see after a season where if anything Liverpool's defence has gotten worse.

Video by MrBoywunder