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Liverpool's Vorm Interest Appears Real, But Does it Make Sense?

With increasingly solid rumours linking Michel Vorm to Anfield for around £5M, the lingering question for most Liverpool fans is whether it's a move that makes all that much sense.

Julian Finney

Michel Vorm, 30-year-old Dutch number two goalkeeper. Swansea starter during Brendan Rodgers' time at the Welsh club. And, as fond as many fans might be of Liverpool's current backup, a clear upgrade at the position at a rumoured cost of around £5M. It's an intriguing rumour, one that increasingly carries real weight in recent days and that could see Vorm arrive at Anfield before the World Cup.

The question is, would his move make real sense? Certainly he'd be an improvement on Brad Jones, and while his wages would also be higher than the Australian's, they wouldn't be astronomical. They, along with his transfer fee, might even be covered by the permanent departure of Pepe Reina and the removal of the portion of the Spaniard's wages still being paid by Liverpool.

All of which adds up to a good, sensible move to greatly improve the goalkeeping position. Only Vorm is too young and too good to sit on Liverpool's bench collecting a paycheque. And while he's good, he isn't quite good enough to seriously challenge Mignolet for the starter's role. Unless he simply is looking for an indefinite payday, it seems a situation poorly set up for the long term.

A 41-year-old former number one like Mark Schwarzer at Chelsea, a player no longer looking for starting minutes but who can step in for a half dozen matches if needed either due to injury or poor form, is the ideal template for backup goalkeeper. A 30-year-old Vorm doesn't seem to be. He also doesn't seem likely to unseat Simon Mignolet. Which adds up to a move that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Either way, though, it appears Liverpool's interest in the keeper is real. At least if the price is right and assuming Brendan Rodgers can convince Vorm to come and sit on Liverpool's bench most weeks—or is confident of managing the player if he comes expecting to push Mignolet for starts and then finds that they don't come on as consistent a basis as he'd like.

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