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Rumour Mongering: Pedro Makes it Three Barcelona Wingers

Achievement unlocked: have your club linked to three underutilised Barcelona wingers there's zero chance of actually signing before the transfer window officially opens.

David Ramos

Crack the bubbly and fire off the confetti. With the Premier League season less than two weeks gone, the Champions League final yet to be played, and the transfer window not yet officially open, Liverpool have now been linked with their third underutilised Barcelona winger. It was inevitable, really, given Liverpool's history of being linked to any and every underutilised Barcelona winger each and every transfer window, but the speed of it all has been something special.

Christian Tello got things started during the final week of the season, then came Alexis Sanchez, and now comes the headliner: Pedro Rodriguez. All three have been linked before, but none more often than Pedro. The 26-year-old has been a mainstay on the wing at Barcelona in recent seasons, but typically when the Catalan club bring in their splashy new signing each summer his role appears diminished, or at least set to be. The result is always the same: he gets linked to Liverpool.

Barcelona haven't yet brought in their flashy signing this year—or even really been linked to anyone of note especially solidly, with most of the focus on the hiring of new manager Luis Enrique—but the arrival of Neymar last summer finally did what past flashy summer signings hadn't managed and relegated Pedro to a more peripheral role. So. Liverpool. Except almost certainly not and chances are that as in every past case it's just a case of lazy rumour mongers recycling a familiar name.

The real question now isn't whether Pedro ends up at Liverpool. Because he won't. The real question is where on earth the rumour mongers go now they've burned through Tello, Sanchez, and Pedro before the end of May.

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