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Suarez Upset by Result, Isn't Plotting Real Madrid Move

Following Sunday's loss to Chelsea, Luis Suarez talked to the Uruguayan press about both his disappointment over Sunday's result and also of his happiness at Liverpool.

Michael Regan

Luis Suarez and Liverpool may be focused on doing what they can in their remaining two games to bring home the club's first title in 24 years, but that doesn't mean those watching will have a similarly limited approach these next few weeks. And with Suarez' somewhat spotty history and last summer's push for a move, it is perhaps inevitable some will have begun to ask what if?

What if Suarez pushes for a move away again? What if Real Madrid come calling? What if a strong showing at the World Cup has his agent whispering in his ear about paella and churros? For Saurez' own good, of course, and not because of the massive fee the agent would make off a move. There may always be what ifs, but for now Luis Suarez is happy at Liverpool.

"I'm very happy here and my family is happy here," Suarez told Uruguayan television station Canal 10 when they asked him whether they would be talking to him from Spain instead of England next season. "Nothing is going to happen to me, [but] if we could win the Premier League and bring home the trophy that would be incredible—a dream come true."

Though Suarez is often cautious when talking to the English press, the media back in Uruguay have usually been privy to his unedited thoughts. After all, most of last summer's drama began with Suarez talking to the Uruguayan press about what he believed was an uncertain future. It should be comforting, then, that this time around he's telling them he's happy at Liverpool.

It's also worth noting that the Spanish press, or at least the parts of it known for contracts inside Madrid and a history of acting as a club mouthpiece, believe Sergio Aguero will be the top target if Madrid move on from Karim Benzema. And it's worth noting the recent whispers linking Suarez to Madrid were birthed by a paper no self-respecting Liverpool fan would read.

The latter part is perhaps the biggest reason why this latest round of rumours has gained so little traction outside of the most unsavoury back pages and rumour mongering sites, and when you combine the source of the rumours with the fact that the Madrid press aren't especially interested in them, you end up with a non-story and are free to turn attention back to the actual football.

"I'm still upset," he said when asked about the Chelsea loss. "It was so frustrating, we couldn't find spaces and we made mistakes and it was hard to deal with. We knew the game was going to be hard and tight but it was frustrating when they were using up time. I was upset because of our mistake, [and] we all got nervous and lost control."

The nervousness Liverpool showed following Steven Gerrard's mistake that gifted Chelsea the game winning goal showed that, for all this season's Liverpool side has grown, they still need to improve. Falling behind from a mistake was unfortunate; spending a half firing off impatient long shots rather than seeking to pull Chelsea apart through movement was perhaps even more so.

As a result, Liverpool's destiny is no longer in their own hands. It's in the hands of Manchester City and the three sides they face—Everton, Aston Villa, and West Ham. Regardless of what happens elsewhere, though, they know anything less than six points the rest of the way and they won't have any chance at all.

"We are hoping Man City lose some points," said Suarez. "In the Premier League you never know, anything is possible. Now we have to win the next two games and it is not going to be easy."

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