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Because Life is Unfair: Liverpool's Reported Interest in Toni Kroos Unlikely to Materialize

Upside: Liverpool are reportedly interested in Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos, who should be your lust object forever. Downside: Money is apparently a thing that exists, despite what your recent bank account statement says.

Boris Streubel

Liverpool's title challenge is fun if you're into that sort of thing, but we all know where the real kicks are to be had--transfer rumo(u)rs. All day every day, transfer talk is where it's at, especially with Liverpool actually being good again. In case you hadn't heard, Liverpool have only missed out on transfer targets in the past few seasons because they've been without Champions League football. With that set to change for the forthcoming season, Liverpool can afford to get a bit more snooty, because money is a myth.

When was the last time you even actually held money in your hands? Nobody even knows if it exists, really. A few well-timed button clicks here and there amid browsing for a personalized Sons of Anarchy pleather jacket and all of a sudden Ian Ayre has managed to get Marco Reus in the prime of his career at Liverpool because the computer screen can put up a lot of numbers at once.

That's all jokes, of course, because hair aside, Reus is slumming it a bit in this glorious new reality.

Behind a paywall at The Times, Oliver Kay revealed that Liverpool were reportedly "looking into the possibility of signing Toni Kroos," but that the prospect of bringing the player to Merseyside remained highly unlikely due to the money involved. As Kay also reports, the fee for Kroos would be somewhere in the range of £35m with a five year, £220K per week deal required. Well then.

That's a decent amount of money, albeit for a very good player, but Kay goes on to suggest that Liverpool's transfer commitee will mostly be operating in the market we've become accustomed to--players similar to those the club targeted in the last few transfer windows, nearly all of whom have been successful in the recent past regardless of whether or not they ended up at Liverpool.

Find talent at a reasonable price and, all foolishness aside, draw on the playing style, current success, and promising future, and continue to build. Even a player like, say, Toni Kroos couldn't turn that down, right?


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