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Shaqiri Would Listen to Liverpool Offer

Liverpool fans looking for the next long-running transfer saga will have found one today with Xherdan Shaqiri's brother saying he'd listen to an offer if Liverpool made one.

Lennart Preiss

Transfer silly season won't kick off in earnest for another couple of months, but Liverpool fans looking to get in on the action early could do a lot worse than to latch themselves to the supremely meaningless news that Xherdan Shaqiri would listen to an offer from Liverpool come the summer. Importantly, there's no suggestion of actual interest on either side, and the player would also be willing to listen to offers from clubs like Inter Milan and Manchester United.

"Xherdan is 22 now, and at this age he needs to play regularly which is not currently the case," said Erdin Shaqiri, who is Xherdan's brother and also acts as an advisor to the Swiss attacking midfielder. "We are going to wait until the summer, but then, if clubs top clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, and Inter Milan come, we would listen to their offers. However, Bayern will remain the first ones we talk to before going to any other clubs."

Having headed to Bayern as one of the brightest young stars in Europe, Shaqiri has found himself stuck in the role of supersub for the German giants. Though clearly a valued squad member, who manager Pep Guardiola has called the club's "most important substitute," it wasn't what Shaqiri hoped for when moving from FC Basel for €12M two years ago. It makes for a player who might well be available, but there's a vast gulf between might be available and Liverpool target.

Given his importance to Bayern, even as a substitute, Liverpool or any other club that wanted him would be lucky to pry him away for €15M today. It's not an unreasonable fee, but given his largely peripheral role it isn't entirely clear just how close Shaqiri is to developing into the player many thought he could become when he left Basel, and he would be more of a risk than a more proven but similarly priced option like Yevhen Konoplyanka.

Still, Liverpool's very public interest in a long list of players in similar roles, from Konoplyanka to Mohamed Salah to Willian, do make Shaqiri a logical potential target. Throw in his brother and advisor saying he'd listen to an offer from Liverpool—even if being willing to listen doesn't actually mean much of anything—and, whether he ever actually becomes a Liverpool target, fans can expect to hear to rumours about him being one for the next four or five months.

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