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Suso Hopeful of Liverpool Contract Extension

An up-and-down season on loan has seen plenty of rumors about a potential exit, but it appears that Suso has put concerns to rest by asserting his hopes of committing to a new deal with Liverpool.

Clive Brunskill

The first thing you notice is the precision. Nothing's out of order, always placed just so, and if anything falls out of line, it's only temporary. There's a certain amount of arrogance, yes, but if this sort of thing is going to work it can't be done without confidence. Rising aggressively--almost irresponsibly--as it moves forward and then cutting inward with a balance that's executed with ease.

To speak only of Suso's hair ignores the rest of what makes him an exciting prospect, albeit one who's found himself the subject of a number of questions during his loan spell at Almeria. Most recently there's been talk about a permanent move to La Liga, with Sevilla a rumored destination and little progress on a new deal at Liverpool causing concern among those who previously had him penciled as a starter under Brendan Rodgers for years to come.

Yet again, however, it seems that the hand-wringing wasn't justified, as a future in the Liverpool squad is chief among the young Spaniard's priorities:

"Of course I want to be back at Liverpool. It's a dream playing at Anfield every weekend and in the Champions League. It's the best thing that could happen [to me]. I would like to sign a new contract with Liverpool and stay there for a number of years.

"Rodgers is a good manager. He always treats us players really well. He always tries to get the players on the ball. To play football you have to have control of the ball and Brendan wants that all the time. Sooner or later Liverpool are going to be at the top of the league, that is where they deserve to be."

It's easy to forget that Suso was a first-team regular for a good portion of last season; once a promising youngster, all of a sudden the future was now and he was expected to produce, and other than a performance or two, he mostly delivered. Unlike Raheem Sterling, however, Suso's time with the senior squad didn't extend into the current season, and his loan deal underlined the need for continued growth beyond the opportunities that would have been afforded to him on Merseyside.

And despite a few bumps along the way, the move looks to have done its job, as he'll return in May having gained plenty of experience while facing a healthy bit of adversity along the way. If all goes according to plan, a contract extension will be accompanied by chances in Liverpool's first team as they compete in four different competitions, including the one Suso mentions above.

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