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Liverpool and Manchester City Dismiss Richards Rumours

Before rumours linking Micah Ricahrds with a Liverpool loan move could even get fully off the ground, both clubs have insisted there's no truth to the speculation.

Warren Little

There always seems to be a surprise or two in store on transfer deadline day, and for Liverpool fans it appeared an attempted loan deal to bring in Micah Richards for the remainder of the season could be that surprise. However, before rumours linking the Manchester City defender to Anfield even had a chance to move beyond the faintest of Twitter whispers, it has been comprehensively debunked.

Reporters asking Manuel Pellegrini about the potential for a Ricahrds loan saw the possibility shot down out of hand by the City boss. Then, shortly afterwards, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers laughed off suggestions he had any interest in the player at his own press conference. And just like that, a rumour that never quite was in the first place enters the realm of most certainly never will be.

As for Richards, the defender has so far suffered through an injury-plagued season, and even when fit hasn't looked to have much of a future at City. Given the player's fading fortunes in recent years and Liverpool's recent reputation as something of a rehabilitation centre for struggling supposed superstars, links to Richards don't seem entirely ridiculous.

On recent form, though, and struggling with injuries, he hardly seems the promising prospect many billed him as a few short years ago, and bringing him to Liverpool would not have clearly improved the club's starting eleven.

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