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Salah Fee and Medical Rumours Gather Pace

The reliability of the sources is an open question, but for Liverpool fans impatiently waiting for the club to make a move and ready to grasp the thinnest thread it's something vaguely resembling transfer news.

Scott Heavey

If one had been inclined to believe various Egyptian sources and the echo chamber of Twitter that bounced them around until they were all that could be heard, Mohamed Salah was all set to sign for Liverpool pretty much the moment the transfer window opened. It didn't quite work out that way of course, and with January now closer to its end than its beginning, Liverpool still haven't made a single signing.

Now, though, those same sources are at it again and suggesting Salah's Liverpool move is really for real nearly completed this time around, with a medical and official announcement expected on Thursday. Or maybe Friday. Probably. Given more reputable outlets like the Liverpool Echo have confirmed the club's interest, it may be the sort of thing that, if you say "it's happening soon" often enough, eventually you'll get it right.

It's also not the sort of signing any Liverpool fan is prioritising today, with a Lucas-sized hole in midfield and two of the club's remaining three healthy senior midfielders injury prone the focus for the vast majority. Those few not fixated on the need for midfield reinforcements are in turn mostly worried about the lack of depth at fullback and Glen Johnson's continued poor form. In any case, it's hard to get too excited about a winger for the future, no matter how promising.

None of which is to suggest Salah will be a flop or isn't worth buying, and with suggestions Liverpool and Basel have settled on a £10M compromise for the player, the likely fee isn't obscene. Whatever happens, it also isn't Salah's fault that Liverpool have far, far greater needs that the manager and transfer committee so far appear to be overlooking.

Assuming the reports are true this time around, though, if Salah arrives over the next few days and becomes Liverpool's only signing of the January window, a lot of fans will be less than thrilled by the club's business in a season where anything less than a top four finish will go down as a failure.

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