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Rodgers: "There Won't be Much More"

With only hours left before the close of the summer transfer window, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admitted there won't be any big last-minute deals and claimed he's more than happy with the moves the club has made.

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Clive Brunskill

"There won't be much more," admitted Brendan Rodgers when asked if fans could expect anything more before the close of the transfer window in a few hours. "We may look to bring one more in and we're just waiting on the go-ahead for that from the other club, but apart from that we did a lot of work early and haven't tried to leave it all to this mad day which sees the whole of football go berserk. We've tried to be controlled and get the players in as early as we possibly could."

Given the club's high profile misses this summer—first Henrikh Mkhitaryan, then Diego Costa, and finally Willian—some fans might quibble over Rodgers' claims that the club got the bulk of what it needed to get done early. Missing out on a high profile attacking signing when there was every indication that was the top priority would have some questioning if the club got done what it needed to at all.

Still, it's hard to argue Liverpool aren't stronger as the window closes than they were when it opened, even if as Rodgers suggests the summer's dealing is all but done—and with the only possible deal still on the table by most reports being Shay Given, the 37-year-old goalkeeper who would arrive on loan from Aston Villa as Simon Mignolet's backup but whose transfer at present remains very much up in the air.

"I'm obviously very pleased," Rodgers added. "The window this summer has been very productive for us. Sakho who we've brought in was probably a surprise for many people because he was highly rated at PSG and a French international player.

"With the likes of him and Tiago Ilori, we've got one eye on now of course—you have to have a sense of the present and what we've got here are some really good centre-halves—but we're trying to build something here. Those two players, especially Sakho, can play in the team now, but we've got one eye on the future as well.

"We've got Victor Moses on loan and he's a young player that I've known from when he first came into the country. I had him train with me at Chelsea for a few weeks when I was a youth coach there. He was at Crystal Palace and we wanted to sign him at Chelsea, but he ended up staying at Palace. So I've been aware of Victor for a long time and know his qualities. He's the type of offensive player I like."

And with the window winding down and Rodgers declaring Liverpool's involvement in the wheeling and dealing all but done, the manager, players, and fans will now, finally, be able to stop worrying about potential transfers and put their full focus on the league campaign and hopes that Liverpool can at least remain in the top four conversation until January.

"I'll be happy when the window shuts to be honest," he said. "Then we'll have all of our players—and we've done great business over the course of the summer—and we'll run with that until January and see where we're at then. I'm sure we'll look to strengthen again and finish off the second part of the season like we did last season."

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