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Teixeira: "I Need Something Else"

Ahead of a possible Brentford debut this weekend against Tranmere, young midfielder Joao Teixeira spoke of the opportunities his loan move to the west London has afforded.

Jan Kruger

Aside from those who have already established themselves in the first team, it's a difficult task trying to guess who will be next to make their breakthrough into Liverpool's senior squad. Raheem Sterling is there for good, albeit in a reduced role (thankfully) this season, Jordon Ibe appears to be settled as an option off the bench, Andre Wisdom might end up on loan but appears to have a future somewhere in Liverpool's defense, and while Suso is spending the year at Almeria, many have him pegged as a first-team regular for years to come on the heels of his promising performances last season.

Beyond that, though, there's a talented crop that seem on the cusp of moving up--Samed Yesil, Ryan McLaughlin, Stephen Sama, Jerome Sinclair, Marc Pelosi, and Adam Morgan have been in or around the squad at various points over the last year and a half, and there's a handful more that have made steady progress to the point that they're in the conversation about Liverpool's future.

Joao Teixeira has floated in and out of that discussion during his time at the club; a back injury sidelined him after he arrived in February of 2012, but after steadily working back to full fitness, he regularly turned in high-level performances in the youth ranks, emerging as one of the more promising prospects in central/attacking midfield. That promise earned him a loan move to Brentford this week, and ahead of his chance at featuring for his new squad, Teixeira spoke about the need for a new challenge:

"I am here and trying to help the team. I want to do my best and I hope I can improve too. My time at Liverpool has been great. I had a back injury at the start but now I am fine and fit to play. I have been playing Under-21 football and now I need something else. I think I can find it at Brentford.

"Under-21 football is good but I need men's football. I am trying to play First Team games. I have spoken to the Manager and the Sporting Director, they are nice people, really friendly and I am trying to help."

The idea of "something else" should sound familiar, as it's not too far conceptually from the quotes we heard about Suso last season. In danger of stagnating with the reserves, Suso needed a challenge, and first-team minutes (due to lack of depth and injury, admittedly) provided that. He'll get that again on loan at Almeria, just as Teixeira will during his time with Brentford.

It's not quite the same as first-team football in La Liga or a regular run with Liverpool's senior squad, but Joao Teixeira's loan to Brentford will certainly be something else. And, for a player who's seemingly been in and out of the collective conscious since arriving, it's a chance at men's football. Whatever that entails--likely lots of flannel shirts, wood chopping, chewing tobacco, knife throwing, watching Rosemary and Thyme reruns, etc. etc.--can't be a bad thing for a player who's already started to separate himself from the boys.

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