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Christian Tello Rejected Liverpool Summer Approach

Like nearly every transfer window over the last three years, Liverpool tried to get Christian Tello to Anfield and it didn't work out. There's always January?

David Ramos

The international break is crazy-making for everyone, made worse by the fact that we're still getting a steady stream of rehashed transfer almosts to pass the time. Yesterday--or the day before, or the day before, or whatever--Diego Costa was professing his intention to join Liverpool except for that whole joining Liverpool part, and now Christian Tello has apparently revisited an approach from the club that's been after him for what seems like an eternity. Spoiler alert: he rejected it.

If this sounds like something you've read before, it is, as Tello was open about his intention to stay at Barcelona in search of first-team minutes throughout the summer. Any persistent rumors from that point on were born out of ignorance or slim hopes that the player would have a change of heart, but in the end it seemed a foregone conclusion that he wouldn't be joining Liverpool (or anyone else) prior to the September 2nd deadline.

For whatever reason it's a thing again today, with the young winger claiming that Liverpool's interest was a dead-end from the outset:

"I always wanted to stay here. The coach has confidence in me. I'm happy and ready to play. I knew that Liverpool were interested in me, but I never thought about leaving."

Not surprising in any way, and any potential disappointment is buttressed by the fact that this seems to be one of those transfer rumors that isn't going to die until the player is retired and/or has joined Liverpool. Christian Tello is a lovely player, and one that Liverpool would be fortunate to have aboard. And, if his desire for playing time in the short-term isn't satiated by occasional substitute appearances, there might be an opportunity for a short-term deal to be agreed. But for now, like Diego Costa, it's a piece of transfer nostalgia that isn't really that nostalgic and didn't end in a transfer.

So. Is it Monday yet?

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