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Luis Suarez Does Not Have to Be Sold by Liverpool

A day after the striker asserted that he had both a verbal agreement and a release clause in his contract, PFA chief Gordon Taylor states that the player does not have to be sold by the club.

Chris Brunskill

We can't enjoy the Valerenga victory for too long, because there's Luis Suarez contract/release clause/temper tantrum specifics that need covering! Thankfully today it's at least somewhat good news--if that actually exists in a situation that's only getting more and more miserable--as PFA chief Gordon Taylor has reviewed the striker's contract and reported that there is no obligation on Liverpool's part to sell. Not because of failure to qualify for the Champions League, not because of a release clause (which doesn't exist), and not because of mopey interviews with The Guardian.

From earlier in the day, just after Liverpool had continued to impress with their preseason preparations in a 4-1 win in Oslo:

"If you are going to have a supposed buy-out clause it should be that, but it is different as it says if there is no qualification for the Champions League and if there is a minimum offer of £40 million then the parties will get around the table to discuss things - but it does not say the club has to sell. It quite clearly states £40m is a minimum offer for discussions, but it becomes really difficult with such clauses. There is a 'good faith' clause in relation to serious discussions but I can't say it is cast-iron buy-out clause.

"Luis is one of our members and we want to be supportive. However, he may well have thought such an offer would trigger a move. The interpretation is not that simple by any means and there is no guarantee of getting a (successful) result if it is referred to the Premier League. I just feel like in any other transfer it is better for both parties to get around the table to try to resolve it."

So it's mostly down to the gentleman's agreement and/or Suarez taking it to the Premier League to iron out, which would prolong a saga that's already seemed to take an eternity. It seems a foregone conclusion that this ends with Suarez and Liverpool parting ways in a less than amicable fashion--no hard feelings, friends--and, much to our dismay, something that's not going to be handled very quickly. Suarez either backs off and plays from October on with Liverpool, forces the Premier League to act, or gets sold somewhere else on the continent over the next few weeks.

And through it all, the focus will continually be dragged away from what's shaping up to be one of Liverpool's most important league campaigns in years. Wonderful.

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