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Liverpool Just a "Top Eight" Club Says Damien Comolli, Who Has Lots of Self-Awareness

Liverpool's struggles over the past few seasons have seen them slip out of the Champions League, and one of the men overseeing the slide has now encouraged Luis Suarez to move on. Neat.

Clive Brunskill

Hey, remember Damien Comolli? He's the guy who was around when Liverpool brought in Luis Suarez, which was a wonderful purchase. He was also there when they bought Andy Carroll for a sum of money, and then kicked the door in for Jordan Henderson with an offer some 10 million above the asking price and thought paying Suarez money for Stewart Downing was also a very good idea. He left last year, which turned out to be a very good thing, but he's made a decent living around the radio circuit, mostly pretending as though he has the inside track while ultimately just rehashing the same stupid things he's done with different explanations. Totally worth your time.

Today he was at it again on BBC's Radio 5 Live, suggesting that Luis Suarez deserves to be at Arsenal because of the clubs' respective standings in English football:

"It looks like a very messy situation. When I was there, we knew it would be hard to keep players like Reina, Agger, Luis if we couldn't get into the Champions League. Luis is extremely ambitious and with all due respect to Liverpool, they're a top eight side, not top four like Arsenal."

There's also the suggestion from Comolli that a release clause does exist for Suarez that would allow him to force a move through, which, unless the contract is the exact same as when the striker originally signed after arriving in 2011, probably wouldn't be an inside scoop he'd have. But at face value, his comments aren't exactly too far off of reality--Arsenal have been consistently top four for a long, long time, and Liverpool have slid down the table to the point that a top four finish is something to aspire to rather than expect. That's not hard to see.

But for Damien Comolli to speak about the club in such a manner rubs me the wrong way; he's consistently shifted blame and explained away his failures as not being given enough time while not really ever coming close to acknowledging his role in helping the club to the standing he now derides. Unfortunately he--like Christian Purslow, who also graces us with his insight in the link above--will continue to be around and continue to produce some mixture of half-truths and nonsense, leaving us to feel a bit of annoyance before moving on to relief that he's no longer responsible for anything with any sort of importance attached to it.

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