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Liverpool Reportedly Interested in Victor Moses Loan from Chelsea

After failing to land a number of higher-profile names around the continent, Liverpool have reportedly turned their interest back to England, with Chelsea's Victor Moses rumored to be a potential loan target.

Stanley Chou

It's hard to believe that there's only a week or so left in the transfer window; Liverpool's activity this summer started almost as soon as last season ended, and while there's been an uncomfortably long dry spell in the middle, it looks as though the club are going to be working right up until the final minutes of deadline day to bring in a couple of names to provide support and competition for the existing squad. Nevermind two wins in two for the first time in five years and a very winnable League Cup fixture set for tomorrow, there's transfer business to argue about!

Enter Victor Moses, who's apparently now a Liverpool target (again) after Chelsea sealed the Willian deal and have somewhere in the neighborhood of sixteen players who play a similar role in the squad. Moses isn't a marquee name and obviously doesn't command the same type of fevered panic as the names Liverpool have failed to sign to this point, but he's a young player with a few seasons of Premier League experience, and one that's impressed in spells since making the jump from Wigan to Chelsea.

This isn't one to get too feverish about, yet it's a move that would make a lot of sense for all interested parties. Chelsea can find someone to pay a portion of his wages and give him the type of regular match action they can't, Moses gets a move to a side in the Premier League that wants to be competing for similar--if slightly downgraded--honors as his permanent employer, and Liverpool add quality and depth in attack to the squad.

That he isn't Willian or Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Diego Costa will disappoint a few, and there's still plenty to do before anything's in the final(ish) stages. Already there appears to be a hang-up over Chelsea's desire for a £2m loan fee, but if if a deal is ultimately hashed out, it would be one that very likely makes Liverpool a better squad while allowing for added depth at a position currently populated by teenagers. That's a good thing.

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