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Luis Suarez: "A Call Can Change Everything"

The grace period after Uruguay's Confederations Cup exit is over, as Luis Suarez is back on the interview circuit and once again hinting that his immediate future does not lie at Liverpool.

Alex Livesey

Liverpool have spent approximately 56 hours not being embroiled in a messy transfer saga, as the immediate post-Mkhitaryan period seemed relatively serene. A handful were still having lots of feelings, which is great, but there was also a sense of relief in knowing that, once and for all, Henrikh Mkhitaryan would not be a Liverpool player, instead opting to join Borussia Dortmund and make their front four the best that ever was and will be. Without discussion of the Armenian it looked as though things were going to smooth out, but in swoops Luis Suarez on another radio interview, once again leaving his future open to speculation.

Speaking on Sport 890 in Montevideo, Suarez again gave a wide-ranging interview (the full audio of which can be found here), including what appears to be more thinly-veiled exit talk. From LBCeleste on Twitter, who's been tracking the player's media appearances closely since he returned to Uruguay for the summer:

This makes not caring even easier, if that were possible. Everything we've heard from Luis Suarez--even the stuff that's up for debate as to just how much come and get me is involved--seems to indicate that he's very, very open to spending his upcoming season elsewhere, and that things are far from definitive when it comes to his standing with Liverpool.

Whatever ends up being the case, I hope July 21 sees Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool issue advice contrary to Pere Guardiola, who advised Suarez to "stay calm, not quiet." At this point staying quiet would be the best possible option for Liverpool, and while much of the talk about what he owes the club is a bit overblown, I do think he's obligated to treat them with at least the same dignity and respect they've afforded him on countless occasions.

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