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Arsenal Reportedly Bid £30m for Luis Suarez

Much of the talk surrounding Luis Suarez has linked him with a move to Real Madrid, but reports late Sunday night have Arsenal submitting a bid--that was immediately rejected--for the Uruguayan striker.

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Chris Brunskill

It's been a nice week or so on the Luis Suarez front, with little to report either straight from the player or his rumored destination, Real Madrid. He's expected to rejoin the squad at some point during their preseason tour of Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia, though there's likely to be a bit of drama surrounding when and how--if at all--he links back up with Brendan Rodgers and company. It looks like we won't have to wait until then for said drama, though, as a number of outlets are tonight reporting that Arsenal had a £30m rejected.

Not surprising that Liverpool immediately turned the offer away, both because of the amount and the fact that it's a club they'll be directly chasing this next season. Arsenal are and have been a step above Liverpool in recent seasons, and seriously considering a sale to that type of side would be a painful redux of the Fernando Torres situation. Thankfully that didn't directly come back to bite Liverpool, as Torres has done little to aid Chelsea's success since moving to London, but to do the same in the case of Suarez--to anyone in the Premier League, really--would be madness.

As Chris Bascombe writes in the piece above, it went past the point of inquiry, though what exactly that means is unclear. We know that discussion of Arsenal's interest has grown for weeks, but with Gonzalo Higuain reportedly their top target, I'd be shocked if anything materializes beyond a brief firestorm about the fact that they wanted a very good player and registered that they'd be willing to pay a certain amount (albeit a ridiculous and laughable one) for said player. Watch this space.

We're going to brace for impact at some point regarding the future of Luis Suarez, but this isn't it. Arsenal are seemingly on the cusp of making moves to better their squad, and Suarez is a player that would probably help accomplish that goal. This makes sense. It actually happening wouldn't, however, and any outrage or worry here is completely voluntary.

Now, if Real Madrid genuinely do come calling, maybe we get a little edgy. And then just watch Liverpool take in a huge chunk of cash and hopefully reinvest with time to spare.

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