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Luis Suarez is Liverpool's Best Actor, and it's Not Even Close

You'd be forgiven if you found yourself feeling a bit annoyed with Luis Suarez this summer, as he's offered ample opportunity since season's end. This, however, is something to be celebrated.

Clive Brunskill

The reputation of Luis Suarez is a fragile thing. Subject to change at a moment's notice depending on which end of the crazy-bad/crazy-good spectrum he strikes, he's not someone who spends a whole lot of time in the middle. This summer's been particularly maddening, as there's plenty of signs pointing to him engineering an exit from Liverpool, and as is customary, there's not much room for reasoned, calm debate. He's either well within his right given the treatment he's received and Liverpool's status--or lack thereof--as a club, or a conniving traitor who is willfully ignoring all he owes to the club after they foolishly stood by him on multiple occasions. There is no gray area.

That trend continues today, with Suarez making what's surely his finest on-screen moment yet and surely cementing himself as Liverpool's greatest on-screen presence. This falls into the crazy-good category, and I don't know if anyone can disagree. Maybe Pepe Reina, because his venture into acting only ended in controversy.

Anyway, the goods in all their self-deprecatory glory

**HT to Flashred in the comments**

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