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Real Madrid to Offer Gonzalo Higuain Plus Cash for Luis Suarez?

Rumbling forward without a care in the world, the Luis Suarez transfer farce is now expected to take another deviation, this time with Real Madrid rumored to be circling back to table another bid, this time with Gonzalo Higuain included for good measure.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Whether or not Luis Suarez stays at Liverpool, it's clear that this has become one of the most annoying games of Breaking Point in recent memory. Arsenal appear to be one of the guilty parties, with incrementally increasing bids that'll never actually accomplish anything, and Real Madrid--whose interest has been rumored heavily but never confirmed--have been lingering long enough to get some serious side-eye as well. But while we all know that Arsenal's all talk, Madrid are considered to be a realistic destination, and rumors today have the La Liga runners-up set to table a cash plus player bid for Suarez, with Gonzalo Higuain the player in question.

As with so much of this saga, there's nothing concrete to talk about other than people talking, so it's impossible to sift through what's real and what's fabricated. To this point the main outlets that have discussed/predicted the offer are Sky Italia and your aunt's friend's son, neither of whom has the greatest track record when projecting where players will be headed during the transfer market. Especially if your aunt's friend's son is Artur Petrosyan.

But it's an interesting point of discussion and a slightly less annoying (if that exists) twist on a deal that seems neverending--would cash and Higuain be acceptable? And would the price tag be more important than the player? Right now the figure thrown around is anywhere from €7m to €15m, which, assuming the valuation of Suarez is still €45m, would place Higuain in the range of €30m. That's consistent with previous discussions about the player's value, and would seem to be a decent-enough conclusion to the conversation about the future of Luis Suarez.

Complicating matters is that Higuain is also expected to be signing for Arsenal and Napoli later today, with Suarez either set to join him at Arsenal and Napoli or replace him at Real Madrid. I think.

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