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Christian Eriksen Warned Off Liverpool Transfer

Christian Eriksen rumours are alive and well again, but have hit a snag with his current manager recommending against a move to Liverpool.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

With Brendan Rodgers revealing via decoder ring that he's looking to strengthen the "team" now that he's strengthened his "squad", potentially expensive transfer targets are re-emerging. Chatter about Christian Eriksen had gone dormant for some time, but his agent Martin Schoots, like all good agents, has been in the news talking up his client's potential transfer destinations without actually revealing much information.

"Yes, we are still in contact with certain clubs, and that will always be the case with a player like Christian," said Schoots, speaking with Danish site "At the moment, it’s difficult to say whether this contact will result in a transfer, so we won’t speculate now."

AS Roma, AC Milan, Dortmund, Tottenham, and Liverpool are all rumoured to be the "certain clubs" Schoots is speaking with, although Dortmund's signing of Henrikh Mkhitaryan leaves a bit of a question mark as to the necessity of the German club signing Eriksen. Liverpool, with its sudden wealth of midfield depth, is also a bit of a question mark for similar reasons, although it's possible that Brendan Rodgers would consider Eriksen to be one of his "team" midfielders rather than his "squad" midfielders should the player sign with Liverpool.

At least one person isn't super keen on Liverpool allegedly making contact with Eriksen though. Ajax manager Frank de Boer suggested the style of play adopted by the club under Brendan Rodgers is a poor fit for Eriksen.

"If they play as they do now, I would not go," de Boer told Algemeen Dagblad. "The playing style would suit his own. But ultimately it is for Chris himself to decide."

Given the amount of time Liverpool spent scouting the player earlier this year, one would hope that if Eriksen truly was a poor fit that the club wouldn't still be in contact with the player and his manager. Still, Eriksen's desire to stay at Ajax should he not find a new home this summer means there isn't much pressure on him to move should he decide that none of his suitors can offer him the development opportunities he's looking for.

Around these parts, Eriksen is about as divisive a figure as you can get for a player who doesn't yet play for Liverpool. Whether it's disagreement over his valuation, his attitude, his level of skill, his favourite breakfast cereal, or whether Daniel Agger's own endorsement means anything to you, Eriksen certainly stirs up a variety of emotions. It's been said elsewhere this week but bears repeating given the subject matter: play nice.

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