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Suso Set For Almeria Loan

On the heels of Michael Ngoo's loan, Suso will join newly-promoted La Liga side Almeria on loan for the entire upcoming season.

It's OK, Suso, you'll have Hendo Hugs again.
It's OK, Suso, you'll have Hendo Hugs again.
Harold Cunningham

According to Sky Sports, Suso is set to join UD Almeria on loan until the end of the upcoming season. Newly promoted to Spain's top division, Almeria is looking to reinforce their side to try and stay up without breaking the bank, and Suso is a good option for them in that regard.

It's also a good move for Suso. This should guarantee the 19-year old a healthy stretch of playing time at a critical stage of his development, and it will come in a league that fits his skills well. Looking over Almeria's squad, it currently looks like he should be able to get a fair number of starts for the Spanish side, and could have a chance to cement himself as their creative fulcrum early on in the season.

The move comes on the heels of Suso's successful run in the Under 20 World Cup with Spain, after seeing his side eliminated in the quarter final round on Saturday. Suso played well throughout the tournament, playing provider to Spain's more ascendant talents in Jese Rodriguez and Gerard Deulofeu (who we'll be seeing on loan with Everton this season). He played a variety of positions for Los Rojitos, generally playing either wide on the right or behind the striker, but also seeing time on the left wing and, later in some matches, a little deeper in central midfield. That versatility almost certainly made him more attractive to Almeria while they were considering making the move.

From Liverpool's perspective, this is a no-lose scenario. While it would have been nice to have him around for depth purposes, the more important thing right now is to get him ready to contribute at a higher level for the club, and this move should do a lot towards that goal. With the acquisition of Luis Alberto and more rumors swirling of various attacking mids every day, regular playing time would have been hard to come by for the young Spaniard, so the club have done the right thing in finding him a place to hone his craft.

Best of luck to you in Spain, Suso. We eagerly await the results of this chance for you to shine.

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