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Henrikh Mkhitaryan "Does Want to Join Liverpool"

Back and forth we go in the Henrikh Mkhitaryan transfer saga, now with reports that Shakhtar are demanding a higher fee for their talented attacking midfielder.

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The daily twist in the Henrikh Mkhitaryan transfer story today come courtesy of Sport Express Russia editor-in-chief Artur Petrosyan, who's been tracking the supposed deal closely and, in a series of tweets today, reports that the player's interest in Liverpool is real but might be blocked by a demand from his agent and current club for a higher fee. If accurate, it's simultaneously encouraging and discouraging; Liverpool's approach for the player is something that actually happened and he wants to join up, which is terrific. His blood-sucking agent is only interested in more money for Shakhtar and, in a shocking twist, so is Shakhtar, which makes me question my belief in Fowler.

Anyway, the tweets from Petrosyan earlier this morning:

Like I said, enough there to get a little bit excited, but also cause for concern regarding the uncertainty about the demands of Shakhtar. With Liverpool's hesitancy to pay over the odds for anyone or anything, it's going to be nervy stuff to wait and see if they budge enough to match whatever sort of demands Shakhtar are making. And now I feel like I'm typing about a kidnapping and Liam Neeson is going to kick my door in, throw me to the ground, and make it clear with his battle-scarred knuckles that the only negotiating he's going to be doing is between the business end of his fists and my delicate facial bones.

So if this is my last correspondence before being rendered unconscious, I'll register officially that I think Liverpool should pony up a few extra million if need be, but walk away completely if they're looking for Fernandinho money. Move on, and quickly, to another target (assuming they exist). And hope Liam Neeson doesn't show up.

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