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Andy Carroll Passes West Ham Medical

One of the final remaining barriers seems to have been passed in the transfer of Andy Carroll to West Ham, with the striker reportedly passing his medical this evening.

Paul Gilham

The long goodbye for Andy Carroll will soon be over--we've known this since the weekend, when we first learned that a resolution was expected to be just days away, and yesterday rumors swirled about a medical pending the striker's return from holiday. Earlier in the day we heard from David Gold, West Ham joint-chairperson, that the medical was pushed back until tomorrow, but late tonight the Twitter-friendly owner has announced that the medical managed to get finished today, leaving a signature or two as the only barrier between the deal getting done.

A few minutes ago Gold tweeted the news, along with his joy at the process nearly being finalized:

I'd expect that there will be some sort of announcement from Liverpool wishing him luck over the coming days, and all the pomp West Ham can afford will be rolled out for a player who's now become a record signing at his second consecutive club. Hopefully supporters and the media afford him a bit more leniency with that label, and that the club's enthusiasm to have him is followed by a long and successful career.

As we rehashed before, interests on the Liverpool end of things turns to how this money is reinvested, as there's not yet been any concrete movement (at least publicly) for any of the targets we've heard about over the past few weeks. This deal was discussed as one upon which a number of deals could hinge, and now that it's nearly over, it's up to Liverpool to reinvest.

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