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Reports: Henrikh Mkhitaryan Heading to Liverpool for Medical This Week

Another twist in the back and forth transfer rumors regarding Henrikh Mkhitaryan, this time with the midfielder reportedly set for a trip to Liverpool to undergo a medical in the coming days.

Michael Steele

It's fairly clear that nobody knows anything right now when it comes to where Liverpool stand in the signing of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, but in the absence of knowledge we've learned that it's best to wildly speculate until something happens three months later. So despite noting earlier in the day that the back and forth nature of reports has made it difficult to develop any sort of understanding of reality, there's now a full head of steam in the direction of Mkhitaryan set for a medical at Liverpool later in the week, driven by reports out of Eastern Europe.

I have absolutely no way of knowing how reliable ITAR-TASS is, and unless someone around here can vouch for them being reputable we can't talk about this as being anything other than speculation run amok. Still, the Russian outlet ran a story a little while ago asserting that the Armenian midfielder will be traveling to England to undergo a medical under the steely gaze of the world-famous Dr. Zaf Iqbal at some point in the coming days.

From the ITAR-TASS website, with Google Translate filter set to "pants-tightening" :

Henrik Mkhitaryan in the next two days will pass medical examination in English Liverpool. The correspondent of ITAR-TASS has learned from sources in the Donetsk team. Mkhitaryan will fly to England. Liverpool officially announce the signing of a contract with the player closer to the end of the week. The amount of compensation for the top scorer in the championship of Ukraine will be about 30 million euros.

Wild, wild speculation that can't possibly be confirmed at this point. At least until we find out the source had "Liverpool" and "Tottenham" mixed up. Then we can be angry instead of excited, which is a much more comfortable emotion.

**H/T to Professor Chaos, unless this is totally bogus then it's all his fault and he's probably a diver, too.**

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