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Luis Suarez Not Looking to "Benefit a Transfer" at the Confederations Cup

Ahead of Sunday's Confederations Cup match with Spain, Luis Suarez has tried to downplay talk of a move away from Liverpool, placing the focus squarely on his country's efforts to win the competition.

Thorsten Wagner

Confederations Cup action starts up this weekend, with Uruguay and Spain meeting on Sunday in the marquee matchup of the first round. The timing of this fixture is just terrific, as the Spain side has its fair share of influential Real Madrid squad members, and the tie will no doubt create a bevy of questions about just how much influence they'll have on Luis Suarez and his transfer hopes. The real answer is probably very little, but that's not going to get in the way of narrative, is it? Unless the words of Suarez--which have been pouring out at an alarming rate--hold true, that is, as the player's now pleading for focus on his national team rather than where his club future lies.

Speaking on Uruguayan TV, Suarez kept calm and quiet, deferring on questions about leaving Liverpool and circling back to the matter on the immediate horizon:

"Here I come to play for Uruguay and not thinking what I can do to benefit a transfer. My only goal is to win the cup. For now there is nothing"

It's been fairly easy to become annoyed with Luis Suarez lately, as most of the talk (or at least the talk we've been exposed to) has been around a Liverpool exit. It's nice change of pace to have him turn away from questions on the topic, then, even if it doesn't change what is or isn't actually happening. The Confederations Cup is by no means an important international tournament, but it's a welcomed distraction, and one that each of the sides involved will probably want to win. At least more than the England U21s at the Euros.

Hope the words of Suarez hold true and for the next week or two there's nothing but boring, quasi-meaningless football to talk about when his name comes up. That would keep me calm and quiet.

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