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Iago Aspas Reportedly on His Way to Merseyside for Liverpool Medical

The second transfer of the summer looks to be wrapped up for Liverpool, who will reportedly welcome Iago Aspas into Melwood for his medical today.

Denis Doyle

If pictures are to be believed--and there is no reason to believe that Iago Aspas has been photographed exiting his car at any point in his career prior to today and pictures should never, ever be believed because apparently the picture is a joke SHOCK--Liverpool are on the cusp on completing their second bit of transfer business for the summer, bringing the Celta Vigo forward in for a fee around £7m. Reports in Spain had Aspas and his brother/agent/faceless man leaving Spain for Liverpool earlier in the day, leaving the range of posed photos as the only piece of the puzzle to be completed.

Edit: This last bit is the one worth paying attention to, as the picture was proved to be from an article a few days ago. I do not know what to believe.

What will follow includes one of the better parts of the new signing process. Having a new player is fine and dandy, but the chance to see Zaf Iqbal, first-team doctor, work his wonderful, emotionless magic with his hands placed just so in front of the club photographer is to be anticipated. When he slips into that charcoal suit and ties off that Double Windsor, it is all business, all the time, though a Google image search indicates that he is capable of smiling. How curious. His subjects might be excited, but Dr. Zaf has been here before. He knows better.

It would be impossible to rank my favorite Zaf Iqbal moments over the past few seasons--staring at the abdomen of Fabio Borini, inspecting the volume of the right bicep on Jose Enrique, refusing to be drawn into the expertly-crafted ruse of Jamie Carragher when Joe Allen first arrived last summer. They are all highlights, and they are all the hallmark of a man so intensely focused on his work that he simply does not have time to lose himself in the moment.

Aspas looks to be a fairly intense gentleman himself, so the battle of wills about to unfold--or unfolding as we speak--at Melwood will be one for the ages. Liverpool might very well have their second player of the summer already, and that is an exciting prospect, but one man will not get caught up in all the silliness. Step forward, Zaf Iqbal. Awkwardly.

Also, I think wrote that whole post without using any apostrophes. This blogging stuff is hard.

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