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Borini Dreams

What is it, you might ask in an especially dull moment, that Fabio Borini dreams of? If you asked his agent, he'd tell you he dreams of the World Cup. And of finding a way to leave Liverpool for good in January.

Clive Brunskill

In the past, Fabio Borini has gone out of his way to say the right things when it comes to Liverpool and his future. That he planned to put in his time on loan and fight for his spot when he returned; that over the longer term, his goal remained achieving personal success at Anfield. Fabio Borini's agent, on the other hand, has of late taken to suggesting that moving to Liverpool in the first place wasn't the best choice Borini could have made.

Having spent much of his youth career developing at Chelsea's academy while Brendan Rodgers was in charge there, and then later reuniting with Rodgers for a successful loan spell at Swansea, it's easy to see why Borini chose Liverpool. It's also clear that, unlike with some continental players who have failed to settle in England, Borini isn't the homesick sort. Despite all that, his third time around with Brendan Rodgers obviously hasn't been as successful as his first two.

"Liverpool own him and in the summer didn't want him to leave, even though the player wants minutes," said De Marchi, angling for a termination to Borini's loan deal and, if possible, a permanent move back to Italy where previously there was interest from Lazio. "He dreams of Brazil in 2014 and needs games. He's only had a chance at Sunderland after the arrival of Gus Poyet, but it is still insufficient. I would like a meeting with Liverpool in January."

Given there is a loan fee involved, Sunderland would have to agree to terminate his deal and Liverpool would have to be certain of finding a buyer who would be willing to recoup the £12.5M spent on him two summers ago. If Borini is determined and Liverpool have decided they can make do without him in the coming years, though, it isn't impossible to imagine a flurry of activity around the striker in January that ends with him in Serie A once again.

Borini has made seven appearances for Sunderland since arriving there on loan, with most of those coming off a bench. His most memorable contribution to his loan club came with his only goal of the season so far, a goal that won Sunderland their derby match against Newcastle at the end of October.

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