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Wages Reportedly Holding up Fabio Borini's QPR Move

Fabio Borini is close to a move to QPR but money is holding up the Italian adding the next professional football kit to his ever growing collection.

Paul Thomas

Harry Redknapp cannot do without the last day of the transfer window even when he's out of a job. He must be involved, he must sign players, and there must be a late dash with time running out. Jim White and his colleagues remain grateful for such offerings from the current Queens Park Rangers manager.

Fabio Borini is in Redknapp's sights, much to the heartbreak of the forlorn Gustavo Poyet, and a deal is believed to be close. Borini has been linked with moves to Italy but Liverpool were only considering a permanent departure for Brendan Rodgers' first Liverpool signing. After Liverpool accepted a QPR offer that was somewhat similar to Sunderland's generous offerings, some may have thought that a conclusion to the sage would be near and Sunderland's manager would finally experience the closure required to move on.

However, there could still be a chance as Borini and QPR seem to be at odds over wages if reports are accurate.

If that is the gap, QPR usually throw enough money at a problem to solve it with the ownership and manager in charge of the London club so asking for 90k makes a lot of sense. A compromise would still see Fabio Borini earn a decent London living wage and Liverpool receive a solid deal on deadline day. As usual, rumours and reports on such a day may not be entirely accurate but there is usually some form of dancing around a financial negotiation table with time running out and parties concerned getting desperate.

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