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"Big Name Player Being Lined Up Very Soon" for Liverpool as Suarez Replacement

As part of BBC Radio Five Live's World Football Phone-In, South American football expert Tim Vickery speculated that Liverpool were setting up to bring in a marquee signing in the coming days.

Claudio Villa

There is no shortage of excellent podcasts for world football coverage, and for me, two of the best are The Guardian's Football Weekly and BBC Radio Five Live's World Football Phone-In. The latter is more expansive, purposely focusing on the goings-on outside of England, and as such they have a revolving cast of experts in different regions of the globe. One of those experts is The Legendinho, Tim Vickery, who lives in Brazil and often has the inside track on all matters South American football. And it just so happens that last night, those matters included a potential transfer involving Liverpool, one that's geared toward replacing Luis Suarez.

It's all nameless speculation at this point, but this is what Vickery had to say in last night's show (skip to the 1:09:00 mark for some lead-in and discussion) when asked about any potential information about Liverpool's efforts to bring in another striker:

"An agent...I don't usually have many contacts with agents and the like, but I got phoned up yesterday with apparently good news for Liverpool. It's not Falcao, but it's a big name player replacing a big name player at Liverpool, which would obviously be Suarez, being lined up very soon. I couldn't find out anything more than that, but I don't think it's Falcao. I don't it would be viable for them, would it?"

The easy answer would be Edinson Cavani given recent rumors, but there's nothing other than guesswork to do at this point assuming that whatever agent contacted Vickery was talking about something that might actually happen. In the meantime, we can at least guarantee that the next week will include some serious rumor mongering as Liverpool search for goals, which is something that was bound to happen regardless.

For the sake of discussion, though, let's play the guessing game--which South American star could it be?

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