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Cavani Considering Proposals From Arsenal and Liverpool

Edinson Cavani's agent has today confirmed that his client would like to play in England and has heard—and is still considering—proposals from Arsenal and Liverpool.

Richard Heathcote

Following on from rumours that Liverpool might be well positioned to beat Manchester City to Monaco's Radamel Falcao comes word from Edinson Cavani's agent that the club have also made enquiries about PSG's 27-year-old Uruguayan striker.

"There has been much interest in the player during the last six months," agent Claudi Anelluci told Uruguay's El Telegrafo when he was asked about the striker's future. "I can confirm that Cavani heard proposals from Liverpool and Arsenal."

Earlier rumours Liverpool might be interested in either Cavani or Falcao gained little traction in the more reliable corners of the press. High wages, high fees, and that both strikers are well into their primes but surrounded by question marks—Cavani's poor form at PSG and Falcao's ACL injury—seemed to make them unlikely targets.

In Cavani's case, though, at least the wages and any transfer fee would only be high rather than exorbitant, and his poor form could be explained away as a result of being pushed wide to accommodate Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And for what it's worth, Anelluci claims his only goal is moving somewhere he can enjoy playing football again.

"He has already said he would love to play in England, but has not yet made a final decision," added the player's agent. "He is not interested in money and fame; he just wants to be happy playing football."

There are obvious questions about Cavani as a target—his age, his positional inflexibility, his likely high cost, and his form in France key amongst them. As a pure striker, though, there are few better players available on the market right now, and for the right price it would be hard for Liverpool to turn down the chance to sign him.

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