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Reina Set for Bayern Munich After Liverpool Accept £2m Offer

Pepe Reina's Liverpool career finally looks to be at an end, with the club accepting an offer from Bayern Munich for the veteran goalkeeper.

Jeff Gross

There wasn't much uncertainty as to whether or not Pepe Reina would be a Liverpool player at the end of the summer--his relationship with Brendan Rodgers was non-existent, a reality underlined by both player and manager earlier as the US tour kicked off, and his failure to make a single squad appearance after joining the team in America made it clear that Reina's 2012-2013 season would be his last on Merseyside. We knew it was coming, and today it became official(ish), as Liverpool reportedly agreed a £2m deal that will see Reina move to Bayern Munich.

From Tony Barrett a bit ago:

This was a rumored move at the end of last week that nobody took seriously given that Reina seemed as though he wanted to challenge somewhere as a number one. His form dipped badly in the past two seasons, but in spite of that he publicly asserted that he wanted to play, and his wages indicate that he's not a player worth having around if he's only going to sit on the bench. But that now looks like his future, with Manuel Neuer expected to be Bayern's number one now and for most of the next decade.

Bayern now have a decent, experienced backup, I guess, and Liverpool have £2m in their pocket and his wages finally off the books. Plus the goodbye letter's already been written, so it's kind of a win-win-win.

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