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Deal Reportedly Agreed in Principle for Alberto Moreno

After a month where it seemed a deal was agreed for Alberto Moreno every few days, Spanish sources say his Liverpool move is back on and that a deal is in place. For real this time.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

There was a time when Alberto Moreno to Liverpool was a done deal. When he was flying in tomorrow to complete his medical. And then, when it turned out the deal wasn't actually done and Alberto Moreno wasn't in fact in Liverpool tomorrow or today or yesterday undergoing a medical, the whole song and dance would be repeated the following week.

Mostly it was Sevilla's Estadio Deportivo fuelling the lather, rinse, repeat narrative when it came to Moreno's supposedly certain Liverpool move earlier this summer. Now, with the two clubs reportedly nearing a deal after Liverpool spent a spell exploring other options and Sevilla went looking for other potential buyers and found none, it's time to check in with them again.

Sevilla return to training on Tuesday morning, but the paper believes Moreno won't be involved—that he could have mere hours remaining as a Sevilla player. They further claim the problem previously was that Liverpool backed out of a deal rather than that Sevilla kept raising the bar, but that now that the two sides have gotten to talking again there is at the least an agreement in principle.

Along with confirming Iago Aspas' loan deal includes a compulsory €6M purchase option, Estadio Deportivo claim it will be a similar deal to the €20—or £16M—that Liverpool were reported by English sources to be offering previously, though possibly with an even smaller portion paid up front than had been the case before. Supposedly, this time around Sevilla are okay with this.

The paper further claim that representatives from Liverpool are in Sevilla today to finalise the deal, and that the club are now working through the options as they search for a possible replacement for the young Spanish international. The only question now for Liverpool fans is whether the information the Spanish side is feeding Estadio Deportivo is a fair reflection of reality this time around.

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