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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Close to Deal for Goalkeeper

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Liverpool's final piece of business this transfer window is a backup goalkeeper, and reports have them close to finalizing a deal for Argentina number one Sergio Romero.

Julian Finney

Having signed nine players already this summer, a quiet deadline day is expected for Liverpool other than any further outgoing deals after the exit of Daniel Agger early Saturday. Most of the squad's needs have been addressed, but there remains a demand for a backup goalkeeper to improve upon Brad Jones. Earlier in the summer the club were linked with Argentina's Sergio Romero, who had an excellent World Cup for the runners-up, and now reports out of Italy have Liverpool close to finalizing a deal.

The news comes from transfer window enthusiast Gianluca Di Marzio, who was responsible for reports back in July as well. This time around he seems confident the move will happen (via Google Translate):

Liverpool look again in Serie A, this time at home Samp. After Balotelli, another assisted Raiola could dress Reds: in orbit is the Argentine goalkeeper Romero. The Liverpool we're thinking seriously, and would like to sink the shot. Raiola working, seeking agreement. Romero, in the future Premier? Expected new updates in the coming hours.

That was a few hours ago, and with the window closing shortly, you'd expect the club to be in the latter stages of a deal if anything's actually going to happen. Before the talk was a partial-swap deal including Sebastian Coates, but the Uruguayan's name is left out this time around, and he might have a new lease on life at Anfield after Agger's exit.

Whatever happens with Coates, though, it seems that a deal for Romero would be a smart one for the club, as he's not particularly expensive at £1.5m to 2m and would be able to push Simon Mignolet on a consistent basis. There's constant rumors that the club aren't convinced by Mignolet long-term, and having another top-level goalkeeper around would either address those concerns or push the Belgian to another level.