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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool and Milan Discussing Second Striker Deal

With Liverpool having just signed Mario Balotelli from AC Milan, rumour has it that the Italian club could be looking at Fabio Borini as his potential replacement.

Michael Regan

Yesterday, Liverpool announced the signing of Mario Balotelli from AC Milan after a whirlwind week that saw the Italian striker go from barely a rumour to Liverpool's newest signing in record time. Today, rumour has it that the two clubs could be discussing another striker deal as the window nears its end. Rumour has it, they may want Fabio Borini.

According to most reports, Milan's top striker target to replace Balotelli is Chelsea's Fernando Torres, and there are rumours that a loan deal is in the works. Torres, though, is on massive wages and shows no sign of being interested in moving away from Chelsea just to get more playing time. If they can't figure out a way to make that work, then, they will need a Plan B.

In this case, B could stand for Borini. The striker appears settled in England and in no hurry to head back to Italy—he has, after all, spent six of the past seven years in the country and is engaged to a woman from the Liverpool area—but while the country Milan are in may not be enough to tempt him to move, the fact that they're a better side than Sunderland might.

Milan may be a mid-table mess at the moment, but it would be hard not to consider them a step up over Sunderland, a club Borini remains reluctant to move to. If Milan came calling, he might be more open to a move. That's assuming they don't get Torres, of course. It's also assuming Milan would be willing to come anywhere close to matching Sunderland's already accepted £14M offer.

Still, with no sign he's likely to see much playing time at Liverpool, it's not the craziest potential deal to keep an eye on as the summer transfer window enters its final days.

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