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Rossi's Agent Unequivocally Denies Liverpool Rumours

In the wake of sudden rumours liking Giuseppe Rossi to Liverpool, the player's agent has come out to unequivocally state that there is no deal in the works.

Claudio Villa

Mere hours after rumours linking 27-year-old striker Giuseppe Rossi to Liverpool popped up, his agent has come along to unequivocally knock them down. Rossi's agent, Andrea Pastorello, was asked about the sudden talk of a Liverpool switch by the Italian press and to say his take on the matter was dismissive would be an understatement.

"There is nothing to comment on," Pastorello told Tuttomercatoweb today. "Honestly, I'm not aware of anything—it's something that comes from the English papers and nothing else. I have a good relationship with Liverpool, so they would have called me if they wanted Rossi. But seriously, we are talking about something that does not exist."

Agents may not always be known for straightforward honesty, yet if there was any possibility of a move it seems likely Pastorello would have instead chosen to deal in the standard deflections. The kind of talk about the player being honoured to be linked to a club like Liverpool but that he's happy at Fiorentia that's standard agent-speak in such situations.

Instead he said no. And then he said no again. And then he said no two more times in slightly different ways for good measure. For those hoping that Rossi might just end up a late Liverpool target—and aside from his injury record he does seem a perfect potential signing to close out the window—then, it looks like this isn't a deal currently in the works.

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